Melanie Franks



A creative and innovative consultant who thrives on a challenge knowing that given the right environment people do extraordinary things. Melanie gives organisations the courage to take a risk and ignore ‘good practice’ or ‘the way it’s always done’ and be brave enough to take a blank piece of paper and design a ‘new way’; the way that’s right for their organisation and people. Organisations thrive when employees are listened to and can help shape the future.

Talk to me about

  • Getting the basics in place and building the right foundations
  • Involving employees beyond their job description
  • Building a good communication strategy
  • Maintaining the momentum of change so that employees remain excited about it and the opportunities it brings
  • Evaluation – it’s important to me that our work with individuals, teams, managers and organisations has a positive impact, drives results and really matters.

The Rungs On My Ladder

  • Managing Director – Sparkhouse Consultants
  • Owner and facilitator – The HR Forum
  • Owner/designer – White Clover
  • HR Business Partner – American Express and American Express Bank
    General Manager – Applied Plastic Products (PTY) Ltd (South Africa)
  • Client Relationship – Old Mutual Insurance (South Africa)
  • Retail Banker – Nedbank Limited (South Africa and London)

What I’ve Learnt So Far

  • BA (Hons) Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • That relationships matter in business
  • If you don’t understand the business you can’t provide the right outcomes
  • That there is always something to learn from others
  • That there are many very talented and creative people in the UK
  • That being inquisitive and having an enquiring mind makes me different
  • That I have an illustrious family history

My Stand Out Moments

  • Literally helping to save someone’s life by managing a very complex and sensitive employee relations issue
  • Being invited by my client to sit on the executive board
  • Being invited to join the board of trustees by a charity following a piece of work that I had done for them
  • Being part of a Europe wide team at American Express to set up new legal entities and roll out new processes in order to comply with new compliance regulations
  • Realising (many times) what valuable experience I have gained over the years and how it helps me implement the right solution for my clients
  • Tracking a lion on foot in the Okavango Delta with nothing for protection other than the knowledge and experience on an awesome local guide
  • Launching my clothing label White Clover

What Ignites My Fire

  • Collaborating with others to make something happen
  • Being inspired by what my clients are doing
  • Knowing that I can and do add value
  • Networking with the HR Forum and hearing about all the good stuff that organisations are doing
  • Being part of something new
  • Picking a bowl of home grown tomatoes

The Light I Steer By

That with the support of someone who believes in me I can make things happen

Sue Tye

Managing Director
07974 980971

Jane Addy

Delivery Director
07795 482 766