Jane Addy

Delivery Director



An executive coach and facilitator whose modus operandi is about collaboration and building meaningful and trust-based relationships to achieve business results. Jane’s deep foundation in IT consultancy provides a contrast which means that she remains curious, often analytical and is grounded in business and commercial reality. When working with individuals and teams, her coaching style aims to support as well as challenge people’s thinking as they explore future possibilities, work towards unblocking perceived organisational or self-imposed limitations and strive towards achieving their longer term goals.

Talk to me about

What’s important to you, your teams and your organisation. People say I’m a great listener and that I have a knack of asking them the questions that they’ve been avoiding or haven’t dared to voice.
Evaluation – it’s important to me that our work with individuals, teams, managers and organisations has a positive impact, drives results and really matters.

The Rungs On My Ladder

  • Learning & Development Manager – Logica
  • Senior Staff Manager – Logica
  • Resourcing & Operations Support Manager – Logica
  • IT Consultant – Logica

What I’ve Learnt So Far

  • Qualified Coach: Tavistock Consulting EMCC Accredited programme Senior Practitioner
  • Accredited PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner
  • OU Management Certificate
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Statistics & Computing
  • What I’ve really learnt is that family and real friends are intrinsically linked to my happiness…and that everything really does happen for a reason.

My Stand Out Moments

  • Witnessing the moment of truth during coaching, when a person has a massive ‘breakthrough’ as they realise their way through the ‘treacle’ or they overcome a limiting belief.
  • Working with a global non-profit organisation to create an engagement and learning and development offering and realising how privileged I am to be able to use skills and knowledge to help raise awareness and funds for such a worthwhile cause.
  • Leading an award winning team to create a programme to develop graduates to higher value roles more effectively and faster in the changing landscape of the business.
  • Realising that being authentic brings freedom.
  • Sitting on a secluded beach at the very bottom of Africa with my husband after a few amazing days on safari and being cognisant of how lucky we are to have the opportunities to travel to so many different places around the world.

What Ignites My Fire

  • Collaborating with thought leaders and visionaries about the changing nature of the corporate world and the need for responsible leadership
  • Great coaching conversations that result in ‘breakthroughs’ and then a willingness and commitment to do, think or feel differently.
  • Witnessing people really taking ownership of their own development, pushing themselves and seeing them succeed with things they never thought possible.
  • Quality time with my family and friends – great company, great wine and great food and even better if it’s in a great location!

The Light I Steer By

Genuine, effective, meaningful and trust-based relationships are very powerful in business and can make a difference to people as well as deliver great commercial results.

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Managing Director
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Jane Addy

Delivery Director
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