Motivate Brilliance

How about creating performance systems that motivate the masses? Teams that understand they can perform more by collaborating than competing? Individuals that are honed, skilled and inspired to take on the changes in your organisation? Managers that can release exceptional talent in others?

We can help you fire up your employees by custom-fitting their development and basing it on real professional challenges.

At Strategis, we have first-hand, 360˚ experience of dramatically improving individual and team performance. We believe that too many performance processes demotivate rather than motivate. And that a ‘sheep dipping’ approach rarely works when it comes to helping diverse people develop their skills.

We take a more tailored and blended-learning approach. We help managers lift their conversations around performance and we provide development that is meaningful to employees’ reality. Whether you want to fine-tune the approach you have – or start fresh – we can help your people make brilliance their goal.


“Having a coach gives you the opportunity to uncover the path you are trying to follow. It is hard to see a clear direction when you are clouded with fear, low confidence – you end up believing there are obstacles that just don’t really exist. When someone is able to uncover the feeling of “why not”, you realise there is no reason for you not turn your vision into a reality. “I am worthy of…” is now a phrase I put before anything I want to achieve. The reality is not everyone will have the world at their feet, their world might be within a confined perimeter but you do what you can within your boundaries. It’s strange how a coach can make you answer your own question.”

Senior Pre Sales Consultant -Financial Services

“Strategis approached us in a way which made us feel like they were part of the team rather than just another third party consultant. Other consultants we work with feel very much like ‘solution providers’. However Strategis helped us focus on how we approached the issue so that when we reached the ‘what’, it was the right solution for our team.”

Manager – Regulator

“Sue’s ability to flex and accommodate my coaching needs in line with my circumstances (during a period of change) ensured all our sessions were extremely beneficial. I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with Sue!”

Manager – Financial Services

“The workshops Strategis designed and facilitated opened the department’s eyes to the importance of feedback, different types of tools that individuals could use and importantly, provided the opportunity to practice techniques in a live but safe environment.  The quality of the actors, and their ability to understand our business and respond appropriately in role plays, was also excellent.”

Head of Department – Regulator 


“As a coach, in such a short time you have had a big impact on me”

Financial & Business Planning Manager – Global Energy client

“Since completing the work with Strategis, there has been a real shift in the team’s approach and I find myself putting into practice some of the advice I received along the way.  Without the personal support from Strategis during what was a difficult period of change, I would have struggled to achieve my goals and those of the team.”

Manager – Regulator

“Very good overall. I felt I learnt a lot by observation but also from practising. Constructive feedback given was very good.”

Manager – Financial Services

“Strategis really took the time to understand the challenges that we were facing across the department in ensuring peers felt equipped to provide each other with timely feedback. Strategis identified the reasons why we were struggling and were able to tailor the workshops so that we got to the heart of the problem.”

Head of Department – Regulator 


Meaningful Performance Conversations

We offer an integrated suite of short punchy interventions enabling both employees and managers to actively engage in conversations that create high performance. Our passion is ensuring managers seize the opportunity for motivational interactions with their employees and don’t even think about ticking boxes!

Objective Setting

Our 2 hour interactive objective setting workshop takes the monotony out of goal setting, and inspires individuals and managers to link their effort and hard work to the overriding challenges and opportunities of their organisations.

Career Conversations

This 2 hour interactive career conversation workshop for managers walks them through how to raise the tone of their conversations. Using a catalytic style, managers explore how they can help their direct reports unlock their aspirations and plan a realistic development approach.

Performance Management Overhaul

We are passionate about rebalancing performance systems in organisations to ensure they are designed to be a rewarding and enriching experience. We are eager to consult with organisations who are keen to consider new ways to manage the performance of their organisations.

Enabling Effective Feedback

We have our own proprietary feedback tools and consider seeking feedback is just as important as giving feedback if you want a strong, transparent and open eco system. We also believe in a strengths based approach to development. We work with organisations to help them embed a rich and successful feedback culture.

Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Equipping your managers with excellent coaching skills is key to motivating brilliance in your employee population. We provide exciting adrenalin packed learning to enable your managers to up their coaching, providing accreditation where desired.

1-1 Coaching

Completing the journey to becoming a rounded manager can often benefit from some 1-1 attention. We blend our unique work based experience as line managers and our coaching skills to provide a highly practical and yet enlightening coaching experience tailored directly to each individuals personal learning requirements.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be the key to unlocking an individuals barriers, enabling them to progress to the next level of professional maturity. Balancing our own needs with the needs of others and adapting appropriately to each situation is key for successful leadership. Our interactive workshops are based on the leading JCA EI self- awareness instrument.

Presentation Skills/Impact & Influence

We believe learning how to have impact and give powerful presentations is best done when you have a real need to excel in these skills. We provide dynamic fast based workshops to prepare delegates for real scenarios they will be experiencing at work and accelerate their learning curve with an adrenalin fueled experience.

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