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Do you ever feel you’re going in circles, trying to retain happy talent? Would you like to improve satisfaction results and inspire people to take a more proactive approach to career development? Do you need to motivate staff to embrace change? Would you like your talent to shine, raise their game and go for key positions?

We would love to help

All of us have worked in key people management roles in organisations and have first-hand experience of the challenges you face. As a result, we are constantly searching for the latest innovations to help harness the potential of the people within your organisation. If you want to replicate, retain and motivate more of your top talent, get in touch. Together we can solve your talent problems and make your dreams a reality.


“Strategis has spent time with my management team, both as individuals and as a group, looking at various different aspects of people management and leadership. We are a deeply technical area that often forgets the importance of “leading” the business and our staff and ensuring sufficient weight is placed on people management issuers such as dealing with poor performance, developing potential and coaching. Their analysis of my management team and the individual strengths and weaknesses of both individuals and the group, has been insightful and beneficial – it feels as if we have really begun to move towards a better performing organisation with happy, motivated staff.”

Head of Department – Regulator

“The use of a professional actor makes the role play so realistic that I think everyone in the session gained something from it that they would use moving forward.”

Change Manager – Financial Services

“Strategis approached us in a way which made us feel like they were part of the team rather than just another third party consultant. Other consultants we work with feel very much like ‘solution providers’. However Strategis helped us focus on how we approached the issue so that when we reached the ‘what’, it was the right solution for our team.”

Manager – Regulator

“I am now better placed to find my next career move in an area which will best suit myself and my organisation. I have a better understanding of myself and how others see me.”

Associate – Oil and Gas

“Most helpful part for me was learning about the different people types and how they react to change. This will really help me deal with team members in a way that is appropriate for the individual way in which they operate. ”

Manager – Insurance Broker

“Since completing the work with Strategis, there has been a real shift in the team’s approach and I find myself putting into practice some of the advice I received along the way.  Without the personal support from Strategis during what was a difficult period of change, I would have struggled to achieve my goals and those of the team.”

Manager – Regulator


Talent Finder

A cost effective leading edge automated job profiling solution which allows you to assess candidates “suitability” to perform highly in specific roles. Spot the talent from the crowd in external recruitment and shine a light on your most suitable internal talent.

Behavioural Interviewing Skills

We develop managers hiring capability to be razor sharp at spotting individuals who can thrive in your organisation, and how to identify and deliver with precision the interview questions which will accurately predict excellent performance.

Navigating Internal Careers

Through a blended learning solution we re-ignite your employees to uncover the opportunities which exist for them to thrive and have rewarding careers within your organisation and inspire them to take action and control of their careers with new vigour.

Talent Match

We develop with you and provide your employees a state of the art search facility to enable them to identify which roles within your organisation they are most suited to and how to develop themselves to succeed in achieving their aspirations. Solve those weak scores on career and talent management!

Career Match for Undergraduates

Working with university career and employability centres we provide insight to undergraduates so they can set their career direction with increased awareness, understanding and expectations of different roles. Career Match enables students to compare their own “suitability” to over 1000 roles.

Thriving through Change

We build your workforces resilience and appetite to adapt to the change your organisation requires. Bite size engaging and energising workshops, sympathetic to the challenges employees are facing help uncover the secrets to thriving in ambiguous times.

Resilience and Overwhelmed Employees

We design bespoke solutions for a range of different scenarios, from change weary employees to individuals experiencing a specific challenge. This can take the form of leveraging diagnostic tools, 1-1 coaching and or workshops.

Employee Engagement Consultancy

We help you get to the heart of the matter and understand what is driving specific departmental employee satisfaction results. We facilitate with human empathy focus groups, identify the real levers that will secure improvements and support management teams to deliver on a new paradigm.


PRISM diagnostics can provide a joined up approach to behavioural analysis throughout your organisation. PRISM has a well-rounded suite of tools including recruitment applications, self-awareness reports, career development reports, a 360˚ instrument, organisation culture reports and team diagnostics.

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