Inspire Collaboration

Would you like your business partners, professional groups and teams to move beyond their expertise to affect strategy as well as process? Would they like to raise their game further to impact organisational success? Would they like to have the confidence to influence above and beyond their remit?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we can show you how to overcome common hurdles and ensure you have a critical mass of collaborators delivering game changing value to your organisation.

Today, organisations operate in dynamic, ever-changing and complex environments. To survive and succeed, you need the best ideas. Not just from those holding the purse strings but from other professional experts who may see things differently from where they stand.

If you have professionals and teams struggling to be heard, we can help them nurture strong networks and relationships, capture the attention of senior stakeholders and show how they can impact the results of the organisation.


“I learnt that taking time to set up a project correctly from the start can provide massive benefits in later stages of the project when the pressure to deliver is on and time lines/ budgets are being squeezed. Making sure a project is aligned to the business values is just as important as keeping the project on time and on budget.”

Project Team Member – Aviation

“Role play was really helpful – I usually find role play a waste of time, but this one was excellent”

HR Business Partner – FMCG

“Both tutors were knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. Sometimes L&D can be a bit fluffy but the reality aspect of Pragmatic Project Principles made this course much more useful and enjoyable.”

Team Leader – Travel Industry

“Strategis has enabled the HR team to build greater consultancy capability which has supported the delivery of sustained outcomes for our customers”

HR Director – Charity

“I would like to thank you again for a very informative and challenging couple of days. I have definitely taken away a lot from the workshop and I’m excited to start putting it into practice.”

HR Business Partner – Retail  

“It’s always easier to respect people who are delivering the course when you hear that they have had the same frustrations, challenges, learning as the rest of us in the room. It was a very enjoyable course and a fun way of learning. Well done for keeping up energy levels throughout the day!”

Project Manager – Aviation

“I certainly have developed a better understanding of how I may come across, which could irritate a few colleagues. Therefore I now have a few ideas on how to adapt my behaviours to be more accommodating to theirs”

Graduate – Public Sector

Will try and take learning around collaboration away to improve working between teams on remote continents”

Manager – Oil and Gas


Business Partnering Skills

We know intimately the challenges business partners face across the professional disciplines. Our expertly facilitated workshops are tailored to each discipline incorporating totally believable case studies. Delegates eagerly immerse themselves in scenarios they totally relate to, sharpening their commercial savvy, strategic thinking and ability to influence senior stakeholders.

Business Partnering 360˚

Raising individuals self-awareness as to their current strengths and development priorities is a key ingredient to enabling individuals to fine tune their skill set. Our proprietary Business Partnering 360˚ is designed to capture stakeholders perception of the skills displayed by their business partner and the value they are receiving.

Leading with Stakeholders

Collaborating with different stakeholders is a critical skill in today’s organisations where complex matrix structures, external partnerships and global organisations are the norm. Project methodology is not the whole story. Trusted relationships need to be in place. Our highly experiential workshops allow delegates to fine tune their approach to the range of stakeholders and needs they will encounter.

Pragmatic Project Principles

More and more individuals find themselves working as part of a project team. This workshop provides a speedy way of understanding the project environment without the necessity to become a project expert. Individuals increase their knowledge of how they can add value within the team structure as well as their confidence to contribute fully to the outcomes required.

Evaluation, Measurement and Impact

Documenting, tracking, analysing and promoting results of initiatives is vital to articulating value. At the same time a cottage industry in reporting is not advisable. We consult to provide pragmatic thought leadership and develop individuals skill to deliver data that gets their function noticed.

Facilitation of Team Events & Conferences

Our expertise and creativity allow us to create effective formats for team meetings and conferences. We can facilitate your team through the outcomes desired for a meeting as well as incorporating bite sized learning as an added bonus if required. We enable all of your team to take part in discussions by taking on the responsibility for the facilitation and governance of the meeting.

High Performing Teams

Being part of a high performing team is a delight, but it does not occur by accident. It takes skills and commitment from each team member to create such a valuable and stimulating working environment. We help teams move towards high performance with a range of differently designed initiatives.


Innovation and collaboration go hand in hand. Creating a culture where innovation can thrive is an enviable skill set. Working with our innovation partners, we help uncover the mind sets and skill sets to achieve this and provide interactive workshops using real case studies from the client organisation.

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