Grow Exceptional Leaders

There are people who believe leaders are born not nurtured. There are others that believe in one size leadership development. We have been privileged to witness 100’s of individuals unlock their exceptional style of leadership. How you nurture great leaders depends on your organisation and the challenges you face. That’s why we provide bespoke, highly experiential learning to serve your unique organisation and people.

If you want to develop great leaders, we can help you craft cutting-edge, highly stimulating experiences that deliver powerful results.

At Strategis, we are always seeking fresh ways to make a big difference to the performance of our clients’ organisations. Developing innovative leadership programmes to realise this goal is at the heart of what we do.

We create truly original learning experiences for leaders by putting our curiosity, imagination, ability to connect the dots and extensive network into action. This provides them with opportunities to develop and enhance a rounded leadership skill set, expand their networks and promote their organisation. By blending a unique mix of learning activities, we ensure your leaders grow successfully, beyond their current comfort zones.


“I recommend having this programme as a pre-requiste for all newly appoint team leaders, because it offers a great learning opportunity for TLs at the head office and it can pull them out of their provincial mindsets.”

Team Leader – Oil & Gas Industry

“On a personal level, I have found Sue a great source of support during my own transition to the head of department role, she has been honest with her feedback, providing me with genuinely helpful ideas as to how I might want to develop my own leadership style.”

Head of Department – Regulator

“The reason why our partnership with Strategis has been so effective, is their recognition of the importance of, and relentless pursuit with us – to ensure that the programme is aligned to our strategy and goals and integrated into the business.”

Global Leadership Development Director – IT Professional Services

“Great session about Leading through Change – given enough nuggets to think about, evolve and explore more after the day and practise later.”

Manager – Insurance Broker

“As a mature Graduate, I attended a number of learning experiences hosted by Strategis. 6 years on I still use the skills gained and have a vivid memory of each, including the fact that each and every tutor from Strategis is able to identify individuals learning needs tailoring the programme to fit everyone.”

Management Development Manager – IT Professional Services

“A big warm “THANK YOU” to the entire Strategis team for your materials, direction, guidance, patience and faith that we could be trainers.”

Change Champion – Global Financial Services

“They are innovative in their approach and bring experience in how to design leadership development programmes that work. The partnership is based on both confidence and trust. I have also appreciated how Strategis have brought clients, potential partners and individuals into the programme; this has extended the learning of the participants, built strong networks internally and externally and contributed to new business opportunities for the long term.”

Global Leadership Development Director – IT Professional Services

“Whilst clearly setting out and meeting my original coaching goals, my coach was very flexible in helping me manage a number of other related events and challenges that occurred during our coaching period. It was very useful to have my coach work through living examples to give me the confidence to apply some of the tools and approaches. I have received strong feedback from my stakeholders and leader who have noticed the difference in my skills and confidence.”

Director – Financial Services



“Working in partnership we developed a Graduate programme solution which I am truly proud of. It tackled directly the business challenge in terms of accelerating the learning curve of local UK graduates so they could complete higher value work faster due to the offshoring of work graduates had typically cut their teeth on.”

L&D Business Partner – IT Professional Services

“Over the past year I have worked with Jane, both in her role as management trainer and as coach. As an experienced trainer, she is able to provide the audience with insightful exercises and an professional toolkit to become more efficient and effective leaders. As an inspiring coach, she holds up a mirror, asking the relevant questions and providing the right perspective, giving me the insight I need in becoming a better person and manager. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in life and her ideas and direction are on target, supporting me in the attainment of my goals. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work together with Jane.”

Financial & Business Manager – Oil & Gas

“On a 4 day experiential programme different roles were devised requiring different skills, and Strategis were able to identify who would gain the most experience from each of the roles and actively develop each of us. Following on from this I was selected for the Talent Development programme, which Strategis designed, built and ran. The Talent programme is seen as a blue ribbon event within the calendar, a place on which Members covet”

Management Development Manager – IT Professional Services


“Strategis understood our requirement and helped us develop an innovative solution. Their facilitation was sympathetic to graduate needs and at the same time challenging, enabling graduates to focus not only on their technical abilities but also develop their behavioural competencies so they could influence communicating effectively with a range of stakeholders.”

L&D Business Partner – IT Professional Services



Leading through Change

We facilitate your leaders to create the momentum and direction for change within your organisations, whether that be facilitating strategy meetings, inspiring innovative working environments or helping your leaders articulate the requirement for change and showing them how to build a change resilient workforce.

Emergent Leader Programmes

We craft bespoke leadership programmes at all levels of your talent pipeline and understand the unique growth challenges at the early stages of developing as leaders. We focus on building the self-awareness to allow authentic leadership, immersion into leadership approaches and practical skill sets such as coaching. We craft all of this around your specific organisational requirements.

Middle Management Programmes

We are experts at designing and delivering leadership talent programmes, and by programmes we mean learning experiences that are journeys not visits! Middle Managers need to grow their strategic muscle and translate strategy into meaningful activities for their direct reports. Our programmes blend unique combinations of learning activities, integrating experiential elements as catalysts to develop commercial acumen.

Leadership Insights

We can build programmes that create a critical mass of leaders who will create a movement to enable your organisations strategy and brand to be felt both internally and externally. These are uniquely designed programmes centred around your organisation strategy and require a fresh approach. Have you ever delivered a talent programme that you know, not only paid for itself but contributed bottom line revenue to the business?

Facilitation of Leadership Meetings

Where you have critical meetings where you all need to fully take part in dialogue, we can facilitate your meeting and release you from the strain of organisation and facilitation so you are free to all take part and help you through areas of conflict and divergence.

1-1 Coaching

We provide through our highly qualified coaches a confidential space for leaders to grow and provide the stimulus for them to explore how to overcome obstacles and hurdles, develop into new areas of responsibility and lead major change programmes.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be the key to unlocking an individuals barriers, enabling them to progress to the next level of professional maturity. Balancing our own needs with the needs of others and adapting appropriately to each situation is key for successful leadership. Our interactive workshops are based on the leading JCA EI self- awareness instrument.

Smashing the Glass Ceiling

Inclusion and diversity are specialist areas which require specialist expertise. Our experts in the Imposter Syndrome provide a range of workshops and coaching experiences to enable the development and promotion of female talent within the workplace. If you wish to create the environment where more diverse top teams can thrive then we can help you.

Development Centres

We help you pinpoint where your employees talents lie so you can support them with the most beneficial career and development opportunities. We design and build robust assessment processes with predictive analytics and diagnostics, as well as insightful exercises and team dynamic simulations so your leaders can witness your employees potential and individuals can benefit from rich insights to help them plan their own development. Whether you need help with identifying talent for future positions or programmes or want to enable individuals to make better informed career decisions, we can provide a catalytic environment in which to explore potential.

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