Its all about impact.

What ignites us into action is our obsession with results – your results.

We pride ourselves on getting under the skin of your strategy to help you deliver valuable change you can measure. We work beside you to make a tangible difference to your people and the effectiveness of your organisation. And we help you prove it.

Our unique, in-depth evaluation services let you see, share and promote exactly how you’re making change work.
It’s vital you can measure performance and ROI/E of your initiatives to demonstrate their value. Leaders are increasingly hungry for meaningful BIG Data. They want to see evidence that people are better prepared to tackle critical business initiatives.

Through our carefully crafted solutions and personalised approach we know that we spark individuals to take the leap to their next level of development and build their self-belief, confidence and motivation to grow and succeed.

We can help you measure the impact of your investment with an evaluation light or an evaluation rich approach – whichever suits your needs and goals.

We work with you to:

  • Capture data
  • Publish results
  • Recommend where your organisation should continue to stretch your employees
  • Perfect the ecosystem in which they work

Case Studies

Client Quotes

“It is a long time since I have been on such a beneficial course. While you have excellent course content to put across, the key to it was the quality of your personal presentation for which I am most grateful.”

Senior Associate – Financial Services

“Jane and Sue were great. Very supportive and approachable. I loved the exercises. It was very interactive and great fun whilst learning. Thank you very much!”

Team Leader – Travel Industry

“A superlative course – I will be recommending this one to my colleagues wholeheartedly.”

Team Leader – Financial Services

“A very practical course which looks like it will be easily transferable to everyday situations”

Manager – Financial Services

Sue Tye

Managing Director
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Jane Addy

Delivery Director
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