Judith Morgan


Judith is an experienced interim HR professional with over 25 years commercial experience in a wide range of different business sectors.    Working as a Human Resources Consultant  and Human Resources Director in as diverse sectors as Financial Services, Technology, Dental Practices, Projects such as the New Millennium Experience – London.  Judith has specialist and pragmatic experience of designing and delivering recruitment and resourcing approaches that work in the real world contexts of the organisations she has assisted.

Talk to me about

  • Bringing in HR as a new function
  • Resourcing scarce talent
  • Working in diverse organisations

The Rungs On My Ladder

  • HR Director – Saffron Digital
  • HR Consultant to The Stradbrook Centre
  • Relationship Leader (HRBP)– American Express Finance
  • Resourcing Lead – American Express
  • HR Consultant Integralis
  • Head of Recruitment – American Express
  • HR Director – New Millenium Experience Company (The Dome)

What I’ve Learnt So Far

  • Listen and learn how organisations and people like to work
  • Be prepared to persuade, look at all perspectives, be resilient and courageous
  • Communicate
  • CIPD

My Stand Out Moments

  • The HR team winning team of the month
  • The proposal for the complete change of the recruitment from individual agencies to RPO being accepted.
  • Watching great hires move swiftly through the organisation.
  • The SLT agreeing a shopping list of suggestions for staff development

What Ignites My Fire

  • Inspiring others to do well.
  • Interesting and challenging opportunities.

The Light I Steer By

Be optimistic relaxed and focussed, know the goal concentrate on achieving it.

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Delivery Director
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