Caroline Holt



Caroline is happiest when she’s creating or stimulating others to create results. After a successful corporate career in communications and co-founding a global innovation agency, her focus is now working with organisations to realise the full potential of their talent.

In particular, she is passionate about helping people, especially professional women, achieve their career and personal aspirations. Through her company, Attitude Coach, they learn how to balance their personal and professional priorities, to step free of ‘The Imposter Syndrome’ (a former issue for her), develop their resilience and personal authority and get support for their choices both at home and at work. Caroline and her team help people to become aware of the attitudes that drive their behaviour and can limit their success and equip them to build the attitudes that enable them to embrace and enjoy greater success.

Talk to me about

How to help the talented people, especially the women, in your organisation step free of self-imposed limits and fulfil their and your company’s ambitions.

The Rungs On My Ladder

  • Director of Attitude Coach
  • Founding Partner and Director of People, Happen (global innovation agency)
  • Managing Partner. European Division, Synectics
  • Account Director, Citigate Albert Frank (advertising agency)
  • Marketing Manager, Direct Wines (now Laithwaites)
  • Marketing Director, Time Life
  • Senior Product Manager, Book Club Associates

What I’ve Learnt So Far

  • That, when I can say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’ to whatever is happening, I learn and grow
  • I always have a choice about how to respond to any given situation
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies

My Stand Out Moments

  • Hearing the excitement in my clients’ voices as they recount their stories of how they stepped through their fears and stepped up into more senior roles within their organisations
  • Witnessing the tears of relief of a female accountant when she let go of the huge pressure she’d been putting on herself to have all the answers and realised that it was ok to sometimes say “I don’t know but I’ll go find out”.
  • Designing and leading the workshop that inspired one of Unilever’s breakthrough innovations – Signal White Now, a toothpaste that uses an optical-effect technology rather than harsh bleaches and abrasives to whiten and brighten teeth after just one brushing.
  • Seeing the Ocado van arrive in a field in Dorset full of groceries for Happen’s Summer Camp, where we were about to spend three days strategising and socialising under canvas.
  • Dancing for joy in my nightie at 7 in the morning on a Greek island, as I acknowledged my efforts and success at regaining full mobility. A year previously I’d wondered whether I’d ever be able to walk again following an episode in hospital, crippled by osteo-arthritis.
  • Seeing my food-obsessed chocolate brown Labrador, Huntley, stop in his tracks and come when I call him rather than run in the opposite direction to raid the nearest picnic – the training is working, hurrah!

What Ignites My Fire

  • Helping people to see and acknowledge their unique set of talents and qualities and equipping them to realise their professional and personal dreams.

The Light I Steer By

It’s our attitudes that determine our behaviour, the results that we create and our capacity for happiness. When we shift the attitudes that are not serving us, replace them with ones that do, it’s awesome to see how high and how far we can then fly.

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